By now, you might have probably heard of React Hooks which has been around for nearly two years since the release of React version 16.8.0. If you’re already familiar with react classes you are sure to embrace hooks. So, what exactly does it do, how do you use it?

Well, this article will provide you with the answers. Stay hooked!

Long before react hooks came into the picture, react classes were used in adding state to function components, however, these posed some issues like verbosity, increased complexity and, difficulty in testing. React Hooks are special functions that support local state…

Step by step guide

In this article I will walk you through an easy method to develop a login and registration application on Android Studio with Cloud Firestore. Now, let me tell you why I chose Cloud Firestore over RealTime Database. Recenlty, during the process of working on a project I noticed that the internet already had a lot of help to offer with RealTime Firebase while several others including myself had trouble getting help with CloudFirestore which is apparently the newest release after the RealTime Database. By way of trial and error, along with help of the documentation for Cloud Firestore I figured…


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